Mili Soch’s Story

Mili Soch is a Toronto desi rap/hip-hop artist best defined as ‘boundary-breaking’ and ‘thought-invoking’. Mili Soch brings a new perspective to desi music by incorporating authentic urban sounds to create the desi hip hop experience as it should be heard. His inspiration and influences reflect on his flow and are as diverse as his lyrical attributes and delivery. One can truly feel the depth of the underground and artistic emotion behind his rhyme schemes and metaphors. The fusion between modern pop acoustics driven by hip-hop culture while melded with South Asian influence is the essence of what Mili Soch represents. Mili Soch’s mission is for urban desi music to be recognized worldwide on a commercial level while being recognized by the international diaspora of South Asians. Mili Soch is driven to create an undeniable connection to all South Asians worldwide.

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